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Camella Legazpi Location and Amenities

Wake up to this sight everyday by living in Camella Legazpi. Marvel at the sight of the great Mt. Mayon every time you look outside of your window, or step outside of your comfortable house in Camella Legazpi. Houses in Camella Legazpi are never away from the establishments that you want to be near with; Hospitals such as Albay Doctors Hospital and Aquinas University Hospital are just minutes away. Malls where you want to go shopping are also very near and traffic is never a problem in this beautiful city.

Establishments in the City

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Legazpi Albay is part of the Bicol region, in the eastern Philippines. The place is filled with different sites where you can enjoy good food, explore various adventure spots, and meet great people whom you will be proud to call your neighbours. Not to mention the great Mt. Mayon is sits in front of your doorstep!

Camella Legazpi is strategically located in the heart of Legazpi City, where people from all over the world marvel at the beauty of this city because of its proximity to different get away spots such as; The Lignon Nature Park a panoramic 360 degree view of Legazpi City, Daraga, Albay Gulf and the Mayon Volcano awaits at the view deck. A landscaped promenade as well as restaurants and shops also cater to guests; Vera Falls in Malinao which is just minutes away from Camella Legazpi, here you can take your family and friends and enjoy a relaxing day swimming at one of the cleanest lakes in the Philippines. Another spot where people are attracted to is the Whale Shark interaction in Donsol, Sorsogon which is just an hour away from Camella Legazpi. Truly, Camella Legazpi provides you with both comfort and leisure with less the cost.

Shop and Dine at Ayala Mall Legazpi where everything you need from groceries, your favourite restaurants, to famous clothing lines and blockbuster movies are just 10 minutes away from your comfortable home.

Hospitals, as well as schools and universities, are also within a 5-15 minute drive. These are the schools that are close to Camella Legazpi: Bicol Univesity, Aquinas University, Divine World College, AMA Computer University, Forbes College, Don Bosco Agro-mechanical Technology Center, Albay Central School, St. Agnes Academy, Buraguis Elementary School, Taysan Elementary School, Homapon Elementary School, Homapon High School. Hospitals that are near to Camella Legazpi are: Albay Doctors Hospital, Aquinas University Hospital, Bicol Eye Center, Filipino Health Care, Tanchuling Hospital, Ago General Hospital.

Public Transporation from Camella Legazpi is also never a problem as the port of Legazpi, and the Legazpi is just a few minutes away from your home.

Truly Camella Legazpi offers you a lifestyle that you deserve, by spending less. Now you can rest assured that your house in Camella Legazpi is the best investment of your life.


https://www.camella-legazpi.comCamella Legazpi Amenities - House for Sale in Legazpi City Philippines

Camella Legazpi in Albay, Bicol is a gated and secure community. The village is made more secure by perimeter fencing, a 24-hour CCTV at the entrance of the gate and a 24-hour roving security personnel within the village.

Other amenities of Camella Legazpi include playgrounds and pocket parks that will occupy almost a third of the entire estate, making it a sustainable, nature-friendly place for you and your family to live in. These amenities as well as Camella Legazpi's proximity to the airport add value to your investment and increase the quality of life.


https://www.camella-legazpi.comCamella Legazpi Amenities - House for Sale in Legazpi City Philippines

Experience a healthy lifestyle in your own village. There's a club House where you can hold parties and gatherings with your family and friends. You also have a swimming pool where you can relax. The village also has a basketball court and playground for your children.


Camella Legazpi Dressed-Up Model Units

Legazpi Property Vicinity Map

Take the first step in buying your own home! Call us now and we'll take you to Camella Legazpi for free so you or your representative can see how beautiful and affordable our houses are. Best of all, we'll ensure that you avail of our latest promos so you can buy your house in Camella Legazpi under the best deal!




Security requires visitors to be accompanied by at least 1 sales personnel. If you wish to go straight to Camella Legazpi and view our model houses, please call us. We'll gladly give you directions on the road and assist you on site.


Camella Legazpi HOUSES

Properties for Sale in Legazpi City by Camella Homes


The Latest and Greatest in Camella Legazpi

  • Greta - Grande House for Sale in Taysan, Legazpi City, Albay

    Greta - Grande House for Sale in Taysan, Legazpi City, Albay

  • Freya - Grande House for Sale in Puro, Legazpi City, Albay

    Freya - Grande House for Sale in Puro, Legazpi City, Albay

Invest now and build a house in the future

  • Lot for Sale in Taysan, Legazpi City, Albay

    Lot for Sale in Taysan, Legazpi City, Albay


Spacious Houses with 4 or 5 Bedrooms


Best Value Houses in Camella Legazpi

  • Cara - House for Sale in Taysan, Legazpi City, Albay

    Cara - House for Sale in Taysan, Legazpi City, Albay

  • Bella - House for Sale in Taysan, Legazpi City, Albay

    Bella - House for Sale in Taysan, Legazpi City, Albay



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Village Address: Camella Legazpi is located in Tourism Mega-Highway, Brgy. 59, Puro Legazpi City, Albay, 4500, Philippines.

Camella Homes also has projects in the following location(s):
1. Camella Hillcrest Legazpi - Bgy. 56 Taysan,4500 Legazpi City 4500 Legazpi, Philippines

The developer shall exert all efforts to conform to the specifications cited herein.
The developer reserves the right to alter plans, as may be deemed necessary, in the best interest of the developer and the client.


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